#FlashbackFriday to when our client, Clement, met Bono from U2!

But his story’s a little cooler than just that:

In 1998, Clement arrived from Malawi in Grand Rapids with just $500. On crutches–a victim of childhood polio–he hobbled into Alternatives in Motion, telling of his desire to participate in campus life at Aquinas College.

AIM gave Clement a motorized scooter and, on summer breaks, he returned to Malawi and began projects to improve the life of the people in his home village such as installing metal roofs, digging wells, and buying herds of cows.

Once he graduated, he returned to Malawi and not only continued these projects but campaigned and became a minister in Malawi’s government.

In 2011, Clement talked to his friends Jim and Sandy from Grand Rapid’s Malawi Connection, asking for a small power chair to help improve his mobility as he visited villages and worked in parliament. AIM again supplied the chair, with Jim and Sandy bringing it to him on their next trip.