Matheta’s sister

Matheta’s sister was injured in a car accident in Kenya and is currently unable to work because she does not have access to mobility equipment. Purchasing a wheelchair in the USA was too expensive so Matheta asked Alternatives in Motion to help out.

In just a few weeks Matheta will be heading to Kenya and will surprise her sister with a new scooter! Her sister will be able to once again leave her home and return to work.

Quote from sister after she got the chair:
“Thank you so much for the gift of an electronic wheelchair you so generously gave to my sister Matheta Muraa-Righa that lives in the USA to bring to me. What a life saving gift you have shared! The day I received the electric scooter, I was so happy that I wanted to shout and tell the whole world to join me in praises and thanksgiving. I am now able to go back to work and with that I can finally earn a salary to buy food for my family and other necessities.”