#‎FlashbackFriday‬ to a poem our client Susan wrote us as thanks for her new shower chair:

Words can only say so much,
About the way I feel,
For you are like a ray of hope,
When help just seemed unreal!
My faith for man has been restored,
And strengthens my belief,
That somewhere kindness still exists,
Which creates an inner peace!
So, once again, I thank you sir,
You put my mind at ease,
And gave me independence,
With this spinal cord disease!!

We enjoyed discovering this poem today and plan to feature a few more flashbacks this summer!

Here’s Susan’s story:

For Susan, taking a shower wasn’t as easy as simply hopping in. Having spinal neuropathy while living in a house with the bathroom on the second floor meant she first parked her wheelchair at the bottom of the steps, transferred to a chair to glide up the banister, took an entrance ramp that lead to her shower, and then hopped in—on her rear-end. Ouch!

What she needed was a shower chair which would await her at the top of the stairs, letting her easily move from the chair glide to the shower chair, and into a steamy-hot shower.

But Medicare wouldn’t pay for it and other disability organizations insisted it wasn’t a needed or durable piece of equipment.
Alternatives in Motion saw things differently and purchased a rolling shower chair for Susan, giving her access to a higher quality of life.