How your donation has helped Al

Imagine needing two back surgeries within three months and being stationary because your wheel chair is broken and you need a replacement from your insurance that will take months to a year to process.

This is one of the many types of clients we help daily. We give our clients a way when it seemed like it would take extended periods of time to become mobile again. Alternatives in Motion  helped 402 person with disabilities just last year alone. This year were celebrating serving thousands of people right here in our community like Al for the past 25 years!

Al is a client that had the opportunity to get a temporary  wheel chair while his insurance took an extended amount of  time to process.  After we were notified, within two weeks Al had his temporary chair!  “I appreciate how fast and nice they were. They helped me a lot and it would have taken forever to get a chair myself after being denied by insurance if Alternatives in Motion didn’t help.”

Thanks to the generosity of our community, we can help people like Al and many others with freedom and independence through access to mobility equipment!