Muscular dystrophy comes in more than one Form.

There are so many ways Alternative in Motion help out the community, such as offering lifts for patients that have diseases that causes them to loss all control in their muscles. One of our clients suffer from muscular dystrophy which has caused his grandmother to have a hard time helping him get out of bed and move around. Alternatives in motion believe that it is important to help clients in a speedy manner. His grandmother received her lift with in a week after she reached out and was extremely grateful with how fast she received help.

Muscular dystrophy is a group of diseases that causes muscles to break down over time. There are many types of muscular dystrophy,  Duchenne being the most common. It mostly affects boys and is passed on genetically. This disease can affect the body in so many ways and no matter what sex, age or race, but in most cases is starts in the teen years and symptoms start to occur in the twenties.

Alternatives in Motion loves to be able offer their clients the tools they need. Donations allow Alternatives in Motion to keep giving clients their tools to help families in need in a speedy manner.