Never be to too proud to receive help.

Pride is something that can interfere with our ego and can be harmful if we don’t figure out how important it is to seek help. Although we are in need of help, our pride might not allow us to seek out the proper resources because we feel like we can handle things on our own. Barbara is a client here at Alternatives in motion that explained how her pride caused more harm than good.

Barbara moved to Michigan two years ago from Florida. Prior to moving here, she never fail even while being diagnosed with severe spinal stenosis, lower extremity neuropathy. Barbara did not want to use her walker she felt like she did not need it but stated “pride goeth when you fall.” Her five falls has caused her to have problems walking.

We were honored when Barbara reached out on February 13 to receive a scooter to be able to see her husband  who lived three corridors from her faucilty. Although she no longer needs the scooter to see her husband because he’s no longer with us, she still gets a chance to visit friends that are also in independent living. As an 88 year women she is very wise but no matter the age, pride can be harmful to you if think you don’t need something when it is very important to your health.

“Whenever I see anyone stumbling, holding onto the hallway rails, I encourage them to use a walker and not to be too proud to do so. It could save them from a broken hip and serious consequences.” -Barbara

Generosity is what we specialize in.  We hope that Barbara’s story incourages you to be willing to seek help when needed and also continue to help us help others like Barbara.