Who is Andrew?

Who is Andrew? 

Andrew is an intelligent, kind- heart, guy with a great sense of humor. He continues to stay positive no matter what situation and is always willing to share his story. Andrew has spastic cerebral palsy due to him being born 10 weeks prematurely.  The easiest way to describe his disorder is by saying he has trouble balancing , his brain tells his bones and joints to do one thing but the message never seems to make it, causing them to be very tight. Since Andrew loves to make light of his disorder he calls his crutches his arm extensions.

Andrew graduated from Grand Valley State University with his Bachelors and later received his masters from Western University. Despite the challenges he has faced and the doctors telling his mom he wont live long; he has made it to 35 years old because of his deep faith.

Alternatives in motion has been a blessing in many ways to Andrew because…

Due to unforeseen circumstances Andrew needed a new wheelchair. Insurance wasn’t going to replace it since the chair was fairly new.  So when he reached out to Alternatives in motion they were more than willing to help him get a chair. Next, they helped him get a shower chair a couple years ago as well. He is a huge advocate for us, he tells people how great Alternatives In Motion is because he feels like it’s important for people to know our message. It’s a pain that insurance won’t pay certain things. Crutches aren’t covered by insurance any more as well. Alternatives in motion is in the business of giving there clients options when it seems like all doors are closed.

If it haven’t been for Alternatives, he wouldn’t have been able to graduate on time. In a situation like that it means the world to our clients!