AIM client returns for a visit and leaves with a new chair

Students from Calvin College took some time to interview Clement.

Given your long history with Alternatives in Motion (AIM), how have you seen the organization change over the years?

When I first heard of the organization it was more of any other organization. Now it has really shaped into one that involves communities in its programs. This is helping not only for mobility recipients to get their needs but also for the communities at large to understand the challenges that people with disabilities face. It has helped demystifying issues with disabilities. Highlighting the other abilities that many people with disabilities posses. Yes it has put a human face to people that otherwise would not be treated the same way if the approach of the organization was not to involve the communities more and more

How did you first hear about AIM?

I heard it from Sharon Herold. She was a neighbor in Kentwood where my host family lived. By that time I was using crutches which would not have worked during the snow. In fact it would have been dangerous to use. She then did her research and ended discovering AIM.

As a client, how has AIM impacted your life? /What have you been able to achieve through AIM?

AIM assistance helped me to navigate Aquila’s college. I was able to get from one class to the other in good time. The campus is big and getting to navigate it with crutches would not have been possible. Even after school when I went home in Malawi I was able to campaign and seek an elected position. Without mobility assistance that would not have been possible. As speaker of National Assembly I am supposed to to enter Parliament in a ceremonial procession. The motorized wheelchairs have served me most.

What do you enjoy most about this?

The Personal relationship that I have had with the people that have worked at AIM has been phenomenal. They are always willing to go a little more than they can do to ensure they assist you.

Would you recommend AIM to others?

I would not hesitate to do that. The many testimonies that one get to read from people that have been assisted is touching. The fact that many come out of the sorts of AIM happy with services rendered is enough in itself for me to not hesitate to recommend it to others

What events have you participated in/what has your experience with AIM been like?

Of course the fact that I am from outside the US and just come for short periods has never accorded me any opportunity to attend events However my experience with AIM from the time I came into the States to attend school and through my elected position in Malawi AIM has always been there. It’s always just a phone call away and I always get the assistance they have always given me. I am blessed to have come to know this Amazing organization.