AIM’s New Location

In case you missed it, Alternatives in Motion recently moved to a new location in the heart of south-east Grand Rapids. This move was fueled by a need to become more accessible for AIM’s multitude of clients.

“The building we were located at previously housed equipment and offices on different floors,” explains Coleen Davis, Executive Director. “At our new building, everything is located on one floor so that our clients can easily maneuver between our warehouse and front office.”

For a building to be considered ADA compliant, it must:

  • Offer at least one handicap parking spot in every group of 25 or fewer.
  • Have accessible parking spaces closest to the wheel-chair accessible entrance.
  • Remove any and all stairs leading up to the entrance.
  • Cover any and all floor obstructions, such as cables, hoses and air lines.

“I’m very excited to say that our building passes all of these requirements,” says Coleen.

Visit the new location, at 2215 29th Street SE Suite A 6 Grand Rapids, during our Open House on Thursday, July 18th from 4 to 7pm. You will have the chance to meet clients, speak with board members and find out how you can get involved.