Fowling to Keep 'Em Rolling

Why Fowling?

Since announcing our Fowling To Keep ‘Em Rolling Fundraiser, we’ve been repeatedly asked the question, “Why Fowling?” We decided to explain exactly what Fowling is and provide more information about this fun event in October.

What is Fowling?

Fowling is a hybrid game that combines football, bowling and fun! The setup is very similar to cornhole where teams stand on opposite sides of the warehouse and try to knock down their pins. The first team to knock down all their pins, win!

Why select Fowling for the fall fundraiser?

“We were looking for both a fun and unique way to fundraise for our new Pediatric Program,” says Coleen. “Plus, we were hoping to encourage some friendly competition – between teams playing against each other and fundraising.”

Why should I fundraise for Alternatives in Motion’s new Pediatric Program?

With the increasing number of requests among children and families for mobility equipment, we decided to introduce a new program that services pediatric clients in need. While we continue to provide mobility equipment to adults in need, this program will fundraise and raise awareness for our pediatric clients.

How much does pediatric mobility equipment cost?

  • $100: Covers labor to provide repairs on donated chairs such as replacing arm pads and tires.
  • $250: Provides a power chair user with a year’s supply of seat cushions.
  • $500: Provides a power chair user with a year’s supply of batteries.

To purchase tickets for this event or just to learn more about it, click here.