Mobility Drive

Leigh Chick’s Mobility Drive

Throughout December, Board Member, Leigh Chick, hosted a Mobility Drive at Ionia Intermediate School District’s Freedom Acres School. This mobility drive was highly successful thanks to Leigh, community members and supporters.

We sat down with Leigh and asked a few questions about the drive:

  • What inspired you to host the mobility drive?

I was inspired to host a mobility drive to support AIM because they have given so much to the students and families of Ionia County and directly to Freedom Acres School. It was our time to give back! I knew there were families and community members holding onto old equipment that their child had outgrown and they didn’t know what to do with it. I wanted to give them a place to pay it forward. I also wanted to spread the word about how amazing of an organization AIM is.

  • Did you experience any mission moments or receive any impactful feedback?

One of the biggest mission moments occurred when I was able to educate families about AIM and all the work they do for others in the community. Families loved learning about what was going to happen to the equipment they donated as well as learning about how they can reach out to AIM if they are ever in need of equipment.

Another amazing moment came when AIM was able to donate 6 pieces of equipment directly to Freedom Acres School. The equipment that was donated will be used daily and by several different students. We love that AIM and Ionia ISD can partner together to change the lives of those around us.

  • Do you have any advice for individuals or companies who are considering hosting a mobility drive?

If you are considering holding a mobility drive, I say just go for it! It really is an easy way to provide community members an opportunity to pay it forward to others while also benefiting AIM. I would recommend having the drive stretch over several weeks. I began this journey expecting to collect equipment for a week, however, families and community members needed more time to make arrangements to get the equipment to our location. Overall, hosting the drive was an easy way to help our community and share the wonderful work AIM does for all of those in need.

  • What community members and supporters would you like to thank for assisting you with your mobility drive?

Jim VanBeek, of Triangle Construction, was essential to hosting the mobility drive. He generously loaned an enclosed trailer to house and collect the equipment in until it could be delivered to Alternatives in Motion’s warehouse. Several other community members such as Angela Miller, the school Principal, Jeff Duell, the school Maintenance Supervisor, Brenda Brown, the school physical therapist, were essential to the success of this drive.