Get to Know the AIM Team

Get to Know the AIM Team

While we are all practicing social distancing, it’s okay to lean on Netflix and other streaming services for entertainment! Get to know a few members of the Alternatives in Motion team and check out their streaming suggestions, as well as a local business they have supported.

Coleen Davis: Executive Director

I highly suggest watching “Succession” on HBO (adults only). My husband and I haven’t been ordering carry out, but we did send a cash tip in the mail to our friends at Rockford Brewing Company. They’ve supported so many of AIM’s events, we’re happy to help support them during these difficult times.  In addition to snapchatting with our 3 year old grandson in Chicago as much as possible and staying in touch with family and friends (via video).

Hugh Randle: Board of Directors President

Pam and I have been watching a variety of shows! Blacklist was the primary one until we caught up on that. We have started Downton Abbey, but Pam is enjoying it more than I am. We just started Parks and Rec from Season 1, Episode 1 (I am liking that more than Pam). I have also been trying to watch webinars within my industry, as well as listening to podcasts with Tim Ferriss’ being my favorite.

Locally, we have taken advantage of Vitales for great pizza and breadsticks. I have been hosting a free “Trivia in Place” every other night and have had over 12 teams participate every time. I’m hoping this will keep people’s minds off the constant stream of dire news. Anyone is welcome to join me on Facebook live at 8pm. I announce the dates and times in advance!

Michael Pratt: Board of Directors Vice President, DEI Committee Member & MODE Committee Member

As far as shows, I’ve been binging Mind Hunters and Schitt’s Creek. I also rewatched the Fellowship of Ring for the first time in a few years; so good. So I’ll probably watch the whole trilogy.

I’ve also been ordering coffee for pickup from Madcap because they’re my favorite.  I haven’t (but plan to) order from Two Scotts BBQ soon, too.

Ellery Alexander: Board of Directors Members, DEI Committee Chair & MODE Committee Member

My fiancé and I have been binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy! Such an oldie, but always a goodie! We are trying to not lay in front of the TV so much. We have supported Gravel Bottom, in Ada, by ordering carry-out. Delicious food and beer!

Leigh Chick: Board Member & MODE Committee Member

I’ve really been enjoying my time home with the kids. The kids and I have been binge-watching Paw Patrol during the day and my husband and I have been watching Tiger King at night. We had to see what all the hype was about. We have been getting some delicious meats from Campau Corner Meat Market to grill and enjoy.

Elena Winger: Board Member, MODE Committee Member & DEI Committee Member

I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve jumped on the Tiger King bandwagon. Besides watching Tiger King, my mom and I have been checking out all of the scary movies that Netflix offers.

Last week I supported Perrin Brewing (one of my favorite breweries in West Michigan!) by ordering carry out.

Matt Feighner: Board Member, MODE Committee Member & DEI Committee Member

Lately I’ve been rewatching episodes of 30 Rock which never disappoint. I also just finished the Netflix miniseries Self-Made: Inspired by the Life of Madam C.J. Walker, which is about her beginnings as an African American entrepreneur rising to become America’s first self-made female millionaire. It’s really good.

Also I haven’t yet, but I’m really looking forward to watching the new Netflix documentary Crip Camp, about how a summer camp for teenagers with disabilities sparked a disability revolution and ignited the American disability rights movement in the 1970s. Check it out!