Meet Scott

Meet Our Newest Client, Scott

After noticing a homeless man who was struggling to get around in a deteriorating wheelchair, Linda and her husband Jim were urged to provide help and take care of this man out of the kindness of their hearts. The couple learned that this man, Scott, was in a wheelchair due to double amputations. They knew that he deserved a new, safer wheelchair that would no longer restrict him from being mobile, so they contacted Alternatives in Motion in search of a new wheelchair.

After meeting with Scott, Linda, and Jim, and assessing Scott’s needs, Alternatives in Motion had the privilege of providing Scott with a manual wheelchair. The wheelchair was equipped with anti-tippers, in order to keep Scott stable and increase his safety in the community. Shortly after Scott received his new wheelchair, Linda and Jim contacted Alternatives in Motion again with some repair requests, which were happily completed. When providing the repairs to Scott’s new wheelchair, reflectors were added as an additional safety measure to ensure that Scott is seen in the community.

In addition to obtaining a new wheelchair for Scott, Linda and Jim continued to care for him. They made sure he had clean clothes, food, and even a place to stay. Still wanting to help their new friend, they got Scott a cell phone for any emergency needs and also got him a haircut.

These acts of kindness by Linda and Jim and the support of Alternatives in Motion helped transform Scott’s life, enhance his independence, and safely increase his mobility. Scott is currently a happy client who is pleased with the quality of his new wheelchair, which he uses every day to get around safely! We have loved working with Scott to provide him with the necessary mobility equipment, and are thankful for the continuous care of Linda and Jim.