Partner /Support


Successful partnerships with businesses, foundations, and organizations are essential to supporting mobility in our community. As an Alternatives in Motion partner, you’ll change lives through volunteer opportunities and philanthropic gifts that drive growth.

We’re seeking partnerships with organizations in any of these areas:

  • Corporate – Your company can be instrumental in helping us provide mobility equipment to persons with disabilities, empowering them to achieve freedom by donating the gift of mobility! .
  • Community – Provide opportunities for those in your organization to volunteer, creating a culture of teamwork and employee engagement.
  • Foundation – Provide vital grant funding that will contribute to the growth of our nonprofit.
    Advocacy – Inform and refer those in need to seek help with us.

One of our Community partners/supporters, Disher Design & Development, has made a positive difference in our community by volunteering twice a month. They’ve organized our mobility equipment storage area and helped us with repairs, and recycle making it easier for us to help those in need. In addition to awarding us much need financial support by having their employees vote for a nonprofit twice a year.



Our vital Gently Used Mobility Equipment Program in Kent County is funded in part by the Kent County Senior Millage in 2020.





To find out how you can Partner/Support our program contact: Coleen Davis,, 616-493-2620


Local  Partners /Supporters