Dr. Nick Ritzema

Board Member, Complete Health Dentistry of West Michigan

Dr. Nicholas Ritzema is a West Michigan native who graduated from Rockford High School, and attended Grand Valley State University.

While there, Nicholas played football for the Lakers on multiple National Championship teams as well as earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Bio-medical Sciences. After attending dental school at the University of Michigan he returned home to West Michigan.

His continuous dental education and clinical experiences have prepared Nicholas to help pioneer complete health and wellness, for all his patients, as well as utilize advanced techniques in modern dentistry. He strives to treat his patients’ complete health. Proper oral health care has the ability to treat and/or prevent whole body diseases. Whether preventing cardiovascular disease or dementia, or treating an aspect of diabetes or decreasing the risk of a major heart attack or stroke, the profession of Dentistry has opened an incredible door for patient health, through collaborative medical care.

Nicholas envisions a world where health and wellness is not expensive and does not require difficult lifestyle changes. In the near future, Health, wellness, vitality, and longevity will be able to be co-managed by primary care teams, co-quarterbacked by a person’s dentist and physician. The future of successful healthcare is a future of collaborative care, and one that Nicholas has made it his mission to see through.

When he is not enjoying dentistry and spending time with my patients, Nicholas is an avid family man and always an outdoorsman. He and his wife Kristen have three daughters, Maddy, Grace, and Brooklyn, and two sons, Kyle and Reese. They live in the greater Grand Rapids area of West Michigan. Nicholas enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, and playing golf, and traveling with his family.