Scott Crowley

Warehouse Technician

Scott is the Program Technician at Alternatives In Motion.


He’s married to Valerie as part of a family of four, two of which are the furry kind: Rex (Possibly an English Cocker Spaniel/Golden Retriever Mix) and GiGi (English Cocker Spaniel).


Scott has a mechanical and electrical background with a Mechanical Engineering degree from Michigan Technological University.  After college, he worked in his career field for 27 years.  The last 24 years were at The Trane Company with the first 7 as a Product Support Engineer/Project Engineer and the last 17 in Building Automation Control Systems.  Although there was a certain amount of satisfaction to writing good programs, being a go-to person, and having a lot of knowledge in software, networks, and programming, it was time for a big change for him.


Scott first found out about Alternatives in Motion after looking for volunteer opportunities.  He decided that he could do more in life than just make money so he shifted his priorities.  He found AIM’s listings on the website for doing pickups/deliveries and warehouse work and this appealed to me.  Scott volunteered at AIM for 6 months and then an opportunity came up as Eric was leaving at the same time that Scott was going to make his own change.  He really liked to work on wheelchairs and liked AIM’s Mission so he applied.   Thru AIM, Scott uses his skills and knowledge to get wheelchairs and mobility equipment ready and placed for those in need.


As far as hobbies go, Scott has shifted away from Computers, Video Games, Quading, and Camping and am enjoying learning Welding and just puttering around the house and living at a much more relaxed pace.  He still enjoys watching TV and he and Val listen together to tons of Audio Books and Podcasts every week.