As a volunteer, part of Scott’s tasks includes donation pick-up and equipment support, which

includes tasks ranging from deconstructing to cleaning the gently used donations, as well as

organizing the warehouse. At the warehouse, Scott breaks down the used wheelchairs and collects

useful parts that will later be used for other wheelchairs. Leftover parts, like metal, are recycled.


Scott is relatively new to the team and first heard about Alternatives in Motion through his desire to

volunteer his time locally.  He found us on Volunteer Match and has been a dedicated volunteer

since his commitment to us at the beginning of this year.


Scott’s favorite part about volunteering Alternatives in Motion is the amazing staff and the ultimate

mission of the organization; to help those with mobility issues. Along with other individuals

working at Alternatives in Motion, Scott enjoys helping; knowing that his work here genuinely

aids to transform the life of another. For Scott, working with Alternatives in Motion is a breath of

fresh air and gives him time away from the computer, where he spends most of his time at his

full-time job.


If you’re interested in providing volunteering, but don’t know where to start, Scott believes it’s all

about reaching out and making the initial contact. He states that just by putting yourself out there

will make a world’s difference. It may seem intimidating and uneasy to make the initial contact, but

he truly believes that it’ll all be well worth it once you get involved because you are at least

guaranteed that the work you’re doing is helping those in your community.